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A New Under 10 Tennis Champion

The Under 10 Tennis Tournament at Knowle Hill Tennis Club recently showcased the incredible talent and passion of young tennis players. With engaging matches, brilliant gameplay, and an enthusiastic crowd, the final on July 9th, 2023 was a memorable event.

Congratulations to our winner Sukhmani Sondh. Each participant displayed unwavering dedication and exceptional skills, captivating spectators. The competition was fierce, with powerful serves, agile footwork, and impressive shot-making from these young players.

The tournament created an exciting and supportive atmosphere, with friends, and family cheering for the players. Their support inspired outstanding performances and created a brilliant atmosphere.

In the final Sukhmani Sondh claimed victory with exceptional skills and never-give-up attitude against our runner up Etien Hoyes who also played very well.

The exciting match left spectators in awe and showcased the promising future of these young tennis stars.

The Tournament at Knowle Hill Tennis Club was a resounding success, showcasing engagement, brilliant play, and an electric atmosphere. The dedication and love for the sport displayed by these young athletes filled everyone with anticipation for their future success.

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