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Nick Ingham Tennis Coach

Cardio Tennis at Knowle Hill Tennis Club


Join us for a fun and sociable group fitness class with a tennis twist, led by our coach Nick Ingham.

Cardio Tennis is suitable for all ages and abilities, offering a great workout and an opportunity to improve your tennis skills while breaking a sweat.


What is Cardio Tennis?

Cardio Tennis is a unique fitness class that combines tennis drills with cardiovascular exercises. With great music, energetic movements, and plenty of opportunities to hit tennis balls, it's an enjoyable way to stay active and improve your overall fitness.


What can you expect from a typical Cardio Tennis class?

Each class runs for one hour and consists of a warm-up session, a 40-minute full-body workout, and a cool down period.


Begin with dynamic stretching, skill-building exercises, and drills to prepare your body and mind for the workout ahead.


Get ready to hit a variety of shots including forehands, backhands, and serves, mixed with a range of fitness activities to improve your agility, endurance, and strength.


Put your newly acquired skills into practice with engaging tennis games. You'll be part of a team, ensuring a supportive and enjoyable experience throughout.


Cool down
Congratulate yourself on completing the class as you cool down and take the time to stretch and recover.


What should you bring?

Enthusiasm and your own tennis racket (if you have one), but don't worry if you don't, as we lend you one. Wear comfortable gym attire and trainers, and don't forget to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during the session.


Do I need to be good at tennis?

Absolutely not! Cardio Tennis welcomes participants of all skill levels. The class moves at a lively pace, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the workout regardless of their tennis abilities. Accuracy is not the focus, so feel free to have fun and hit those balls!


Do I need to be fit?

Nope! Cardio Tennis is designed for anyone who wants to have a blast while getting fit. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, our sessions cater to all fitness levels.

Cardio Tennis with Nick Ingham:

Tennis and Fitness for just £8 per hour


A great workout and an opportunity to improve your tennis skills while breaking a sweat, starting at just £8 per hour.

You can contact Nick on

07956 681356

or via email at

Tennis players enjoying Cardio Tennis
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