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Ladies Team Winter Season Tennis Matches: First Three Match Results

Our Ladies team have embarked on the winter season with six planned matches. Let's take a look at the results from the first three matches so far:

  1. 11 October - Away vs Horsley's A team:Our team faced a challenging opening match against the strong players of Horsley's A team, who claimed an 8-0 victory. Despite the outcome, our opponents were gracious hosts, providing enjoyable company and excellent refreshments. Due to the Saturday schedule, certain team members were unavailable, resulting in a lineup consisting of Cathy, Pam, Amanda, and Virginia.

  2. 19 October - Home vs Chobham:The second match yielded maximum points for our team as Chobham was unable to assemble a team, resulting in a walkover in our favor.

  3. 3 December - Away vs Wishel:In this fixture, our team, featuring Cathy, Eva, Pam, and Sue, persevered through damp conditions to secure a 6-2 victory against Wishel, gaining maximum points. Congratulations to the players for their tenacity and excellent performance.

After a well-deserved break over the Christmas and New Year holidays, our team will return to the court for their next match on 28 January at 12:00, facing Woking C at home. We invite spectators and supporters to come and cheer on our team during this exciting fixture.

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