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Weekend Court Booking

We have recently introduced the option to book a court during our peak periods at the weekend. All members can continue to use the courts, without booking during the week and at the weekends, the booking system just allows you to secure a court should you wish to. 


Members may book a court on Saturdays and Sundays unless the court has been pre-booked for matches, Club coaching, Club events or Club Afternoons. Currently, there is no need to book courts during the week as they are readily available for members to use at their convenience. 


To book a court please email

Clive Catherall:


All bookings, once confirmed will appear on the calendar at


Please use the calendar here first for court availability.


Booking operate as follows.


1) Bookings open at 0800 on Monday for the following weekend.


2) Bookings are available in half hourly slots, up to a maximum of one hour for singles and two hours for doubles.


3) Members may not book both courts at the same time.


4) Should a member have been unable to book a court one weekend, and would like to play the following weekend, they will be given priority if they notify Clive in advance.


5) If a court is not pre-booked, normal priority of play will apply as set out in the By-Laws And Regulations 


6) If you need to cancel a booking, please let Clive know so that he can remove it from the calendar.

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