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Knowle Hill's Mixed Team Displays Determination versus Coopers Hill

True grit and determination were in full display during the nail-biting encounter between Knowle Hill's mixed team and Coopers Hill. Fighting both their opponents and the challenging wind, our players showed their tenacity on the court.


The match, closely contested from start to finish, resulted in a fair 4-4 draw.

It underlines the mettle of our players and their ability to grind it out in less than favourable conditions, while always maintaining the spirit of the game.


Our mixed team didn't just brave the wind but also made sure they did it in good spirits, contributing to an enjoyable and fiercely competitive match. It was a display of inspiring team camaraderie and determination.

Looking ahead, the team is set to face Bagshot at an away match on Saturday, 10th February at 11:00 am. Following the recent match's rigorous play, this promises to be yet another exciting fixture.


In preparation for the upcoming matches, Team captain Rob is actively encouraging more male players to join. If any club member is seeking to be part of the unwavering spirit that characterises Knowle Hill's mixed team, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Your contribution is bound to elevate the team's performance further and deliver more memorable matches.


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