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Introducing the "100 Club": Recognising Junior Members at Knowle Hill Tennis Club

We, at Knowle Hill Tennis Club, have always strived to provide our junior members with unique opportunities to test their skill, build their focus, and foster a love for the game. In line with this ethos, we're excited to introduce our newest initiative - the "100 Club."


The "100 Club" represents a notable milestone in a junior player's journey with us. The criterion to join this club is not easy but undoubtedly a fulfilling accomplishment. To become part of this club, a junior member has to complete a 100-shot rally with our Head Coach, Nick Ingham.


Achieving a 100-shot rally is no small feat. It requires steady concentration, consistency, stamina, and a well-honed skill set. For our young tennis enthusiasts working diligently to improve their game, this goal offers a tangible marker of their development and a chance to engage with one of the club's leading tennis figures - our very own Head Coach, Nick.

We are thrilled to reveal that our youngest member has recently joined this exclusive club. Esme Lennox-Imbastari, five and a half years old, accomplished this remarkable milestone with a mature performance that belied her tender years. With the determination to stay focused, Esme skilfully exchanged shots with Head Coach Nick, breaking past the 100-shot barrier and etching her name into the "100 Club."


Esme's achievement is not only a testament to her talent but also an inspiration to our junior members. It is a powerful reminder that age is no barrier to accomplishment when paired with dedication and effort.


If you have been motivated by Esme's accomplishment and you'd like to strive for a place in the "100 Club," we are behind you. Maintain your determination, keep practicing, and bring your A-game to our courts.


Our "100 Club" is not just about the number 100 - it symbolizes the journey of hard work, perseverance, and a love for tennis.

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