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Knowle Hill Clinches a 5-3 Win Over Foxhills B Amidst the Chill.

We've got some exciting news to share about our latest match that unfolded on a crisp Sunday, the 11th of February.

Our team, composed of Eva, Nona, Sue, and Pam, faced off against the challengers, Foxhills B, and pulled together to produce an brilliant performance. With clear skies overhead, marked by a bracing cold breeze, the day was set for some excellent tennis.


The visiting players from Foxhills B were not just friendly but also fierce on the court, ensuring the match was dotted with lengthy, nail-biting rallies.


Although we narrowly lost one set to a heart-stopping tie break, our team bounced back with remarkable skill and determination. In the end, we emerged victorious, securing a solid 5-3 set win and adding a sweet 3 points to our tally.


Big cheers to our fabulous players for their spirited play and, of course, a huge thank you to our supporters who braved the chill to cheer on the team.


Looking ahead, mark your calendars because our next match-up is at home against Byfleet B. It's happening on Sunday, the 3rd of March at noon. Get ready to back our players as they swing for success once more!


Come on down, bring your cheer, and let's make some noise for Knowle Hill 🎾🏆

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