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KHTC Launches Junior Member of the Month: October's Top Spot goes to Milan Meohas

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

In a bid to celebrate and recognise our thriving junior talent, Knowle Hill Tennis Club has introduced a new initiative, "Junior Member of the Month". This initiative aims to acknowledge the dedication and growth our junior members demonstrate on and off the tennis court.

We are delighted to award the first-ever title for October to our dedicated junior member, Milan Meohas. Milan has significantly improved his skills since the restart of our junior sessions in September. But it's his unwavering commitment to personal improvement that truly sets him apart.

What makes Milan's journey noteworthy is his dedication to practice. He frequently utilises his own time to practice outside of club sessions, demonstrating a level of commitment that goes beyond structured lessons. This extracurricular zeal for the sport signals his passion for tennis and is a testament to his well-deserved success and significant improvement.

The club commends Milan for his enthusiasm, diligence, and continuous pursuit of excellence in tennis. It's inspiring to see such a young talent set a high bar for his peers.

Well done, Milan. Your additional practice and dedication have indeed paid off. Keep on shining on the court.

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