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A Reflective Recap: Finals Day 2023

Looking back to the 8th of October, Knowle Hill Tennis Club (KHTC) celebrates the memory of Finals Day 2023, an unforgettable day of sporting drama and camaraderie. After a couple of postponements due to some unfinished matches and unfavourable weather, the event finally took place on what turned out to be a mini-heatwave with temperatures peaking at 25 degrees.

Our eventful journey to this day began with our highly talented Juniors match at 12pm Young Artie Adams marked an impressive victory, defeating Nathaniel Chen 2 sets to love after a spirited match. Despite the intense competition, both young talents displayed the sportsmanship and exemplary conduct we take pride in at KHTC.

Cathy Adams then took to the court at 1:30pm for the Ladies Singles match. After a robust match demonstrating the finesse and strength of our female players, Cathy emerged victorious, beating Eva Wilcox 2 sets to love.

Come 3pm, the spotlight was on our Men's Singles match. Ross Norman faced off against Ben Haynes and took home the win with a commendable 2-0 victory after a thrilling and intense showdown worthy of a final’s day.

Following these gripping matches, Lesley Barkham and Tony Campain had the honour of presenting the well-deserved cups to our worthy champions.

Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen injury, the eagerly anticipated Doubles Final between Nick Ingham and Dylan Brakefield vs Lee Prior and Jack Shepherd is to be re-scheduled.

We are certain it will undoubtedly add to the legacy of great matches at KHTC when it does take place. As the matches concluded and the blazing sun began to dip, spectators found respite in the cool shade outside the clubhouse. We remember the camaraderie, the laughter, the shared passion for the sport, and the collective celebration over drinks as we cheered on our new champions.

In summary, the KHTC Finals Day 2023 was a showcase of sport, spirit, and community. We're looking forward to creating more such memories at Knowle Hill Tennis Club.

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